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North Route Nursery produces grafted avocado varieties for commercial and emerging growers across Zambia and the region. Selected varieties are grafted onto hardy Tanzanian seedling rootstock resulting in high quality trees that deliver vigorous growth and optimal yields. 

Available Varieties: Hass | Pinkerton | Lamb Hass | Fuerte


North Route Nursery Avocado trees are supplied in 6L plant bags, 70+ cm (stem to tip), grown in sterile pine bark medium, stems painted and staked. Our avo trees are grown with biological anti-fungals.

We are able to assist our growers with orchard planning and planting guidance. The Pegg diagram below maps-out the key factors that we recommend farmers consider in order to achieve a healthy avocado orchard. Also follow this link to read more: Integrated Management of Phytophthora Root Rot

Fig 1. Integrated Management of Phytophthora Cinnamomi (P.c.) through avocado root health. Based on Pegg (2010) and modified from Wolstenholme (1979).

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