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North Route Nursery

North Route Nursery is a macadamia and avocado tree nursery based in Chisamba which supplies Zambian commercial and emerging farmers with high quality cultivars.

North Route Nursery is located 8 Km off the Great North Road along the Bumi Road (near Fringilla) in Chisamba, Zambia.


Red Sun Hortitech is a 5 star accredited nursery based in Tzaneen, South Africa.

For more about Red Sun Hortitech

Please visit www.redsunhort.co.za

Trusted Genetics

North Route Nursery is a ZARI registered Nursery.

Our plant material is derived from a SGASA and SAMAC registered supplier.

About Us

The nursery is set-up to facilitate the grow-out and handling of Macadamia grafted seedlings and clonal cuttings of select varieties as well as grafted Avocado. All of our seedlings are grown at our nursery for up to 12 months. During this time plants are nurtured and monitored to ensure that the highest quality is produced.

Our close working relationship with our South African supplier, ensures that we source, grow and supply farmers with true cultivars, are always at the cutting-edge of industry practice and that we provide growers with on-going support and technical expertise derived directly from the industry experts.



Growing macadamias from cuttings ensures the farmer is provided with a perfect set of genetics throughout the orchard. Rooted cuttings are clones of their own roots therefore there is no genetic variation whereas grafted trees have different rootstocks, due to cross pollinated seeds and no two rootstocks are the same. A rooted cutting is identical to the mother plant ultimately resulting in a much more uniformed orchard.


Our grafted trees are derived from carefully selected scion material of particular varieties which are grafted onto Beaumont clonal root stock. This ensures an absolute clone of the mother plant’s genetics.

Macadamia Varieties

695 Beaumont, A4, 816, N2

Beaumont 695

  • Vigorous growth
  • Requires less tree management
  • Early Return, expected harvest after 3 yrs
  • Consistent performer
  • Mid-season flower – extended harvest

The most common variety grown in South Africa (70%), 695 has a superior root system and is the most commonly used root stock for other varieties. This variety has been highly recommended by Lowveld (S.A.) farmers, due to the hardiness of the tree. It is a good base to start from especially in an area relatively new to farming macadamia.

Beaumont should start bearing fruit in 3-4 years after planting and produce 4 tonnes per Ha. “nut in shell” after 8-10 years.

Nelmak 2

  • Precocious growing tree
  • Out-yields all other varieties in early years
  • Vigorous growth, similar to 695
  • Early flower – early harvest


  • Willowy growth
  • Requires staking and attention in early stage
  • Thin shell
  • Top-performer in crack-out and yield
  • Slow grower
  • Late season flower – early harvest

A4 has a greater sound kernel recovery (SKR) of 40% as opposed to 35% of the 695, as well first grade kernels greater than 95%. The A4 will take a longer time to bear fruit but the crack out (size/quality) is higher. The tonnage will be less than the 695 but the bottom line can still be greater.

In terms of cross pollination both Beaumont and A4 flower at similar times of the year thus the two varieties work well farmed together.


  • Makes up 14% of SA’s macadamia orchards
  • Produces large uniformed kernel
  • High % kernel recovery
  • Large, upright-shaped tree
  • Short season allows for earlier management
  • Late season flower, early harvest

The Team

Our Services

We provide our customers with consultation & support from planting and beyond.

North Route Nursery was established in October 2017 by Peter & Lara Deary.

Faced with the challenge of sourcing macadamia trees (of true cultivars) in Zambia, we were intrigued by the idea of growing-out top quality plants and supplying them locally. And so, with some much needed investment and a partnership agreement with Red Sun Hortitech, North Route Nursery was born.

Working in partnership with Red Sun Hortitech guarantees that we bring in high-quality trees (with perfect genetics) and can rely on decades of experience and knowledge to ensure that we produce “perfect plants”. Not only does this mean that we can supply superior, field-ready trees in Zambia and the region, but can also provide farmers with a support system when the trees are in the ground.

With roots in the Mpumalanga Lowveld (which over the past 20 years has become one of the biggest macadamia nut producing regions in the world) and frequent visits to Kiepersol, we have also been fortunate enough to tap into a strong knowledge base and continue to receive input and support from some of the top growers in that area.

 Having lived in Zambia for the past 8 years, it has been encouraging to see the recent push towards macadamias. With world-wide statistics suggesting a continued and growing demand for this super food, we feel positive that Zambia could become a top producer of macadamias globally in the not-so-distant future!

North Route Macadamia Nursery Zambia


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